The Christadelphians

1.—What is the meaning of “Christadelphian”?
ANSWER’ It means brother or relative of Christ It is the name of Christ and the Greek word for brother put into one

2.—Who is a brother or relative of Christ?
ANSWER: He who performs the will of God
PROOF: Whosoexer shall do the will of my Fathei who is in heaxen the same is my bi other and sistei and mother (Matt 12 50) Ye aie my friends if ye do whatsoexer I command you Hencefoi th I call you not servants (John 15 14 15).

3.—What is it the will of God that we should do?
ANSWER: That we believe in His Son Jesus Christ and keep His command
PROOF: This is the work of God that ye behexe on him whom He hath sent (John 6 29) This is his commandment that we should behexe on the name of His Son Jesus Chust and loxe one another as He %axe us commandment And he that keepeth His Commandments dwelleth in Him (1 John 3 23 24

4.—Who is it that has given the name “Christ’s brethren” to those who do the will of God?
ANSWER- It is Christ himself who has done so
PROOF: He IS not ashamed to call them BRETHREN saying I will declare Thy name unto my brethren (Heb 2 11) Go tell MY BRETHREN that they go into Galilee and there shall they see me (Matt 28 10) Behold my mother and MY BRETHREN For whosoever shall do the will of God the same is my brother and sister and mother (Maik 3 34) His son that he might be the fu stboi n among many bi ethi en (Rom 8 29)

5.—Why are the brethren of Christ called Christadelphian in our day instead of Christian?
ANSWER. Because multitudes are called Christian who do not believe the truth concerning Christ or obey his commandments It has become, in fact the name for a system of fable and error that has risen up in the world in the place of truth in fulfilment of the predictions of the apostles Therefore, to be known as a “Christian” is not to be known as a believer of the truth
PROOF: They shall turn away then eats from the truth and shall be turned unto fables (2 Tim 4 4) Of yow own selxes shall men ause speaking pel xerse things (Acts 20 30) Many shall follow then pernicious ways by tea son of whom the way oftiuth shall be exil spoken of (2 Pet 2 2) The dark- ness shall coxei the eaith and t>ross darkness the people (Isaiah 60 2) A covering cast oxei all people a xail spiead oxei all nations (Isaiah 25 7)all nations drunk (spiritually) all nations deceived (Rev 17 2 18 23)