The Bible Magazine

If you are searching for truth and an understanding of Bible prophecy, especially in regard to recent events, head over to the Bible Magazine website and take a look at their online videos, Bible talks and downloadable books.

The Bible in the news

Up-to-date weekly reports of how world events are written about in the Bible.

Ritmeyer Archaeological Design

Bible Archeology is yet another proof of the Bible’s accuracy and divine origin. Head over to Ritmeyer Archaeological Design for all the latest research, analysis and products on Biblical Archaeology.

The Christadelphian

More information about what Christadelphians believe and Christadelphian literature.

Find your local Christadelphians

Interested in going to public Bible talks or finding someone to talk about your studies with face to face? Why not head down to your local Christadelphian meeting place? To find the one nearest to you use this website.


Current events in the light of Bible prophecy are promoted in Milestones. This work shows beyond any shadow of a doubt that God is in control and is working out His plan with this world.

Exploring the Bible

Would you like to go through an online, logical, step by step course to find out what the Bible teaches? Head over to ‘Exploring the Bible’ where you can be allocated a tutor who can help you through the 26 lessons you will find there.

Bible Archeology Review

An excellent resource for finding out the latest discoveries confirming the Biblical record.

The Christadelphian Bible Prophecy Channel

Watch videos of Bible talks on this YouTube Channel set up solely for the purpose of Preaching Gods plan and purpose for the Earth and mankind upon it.

Life’s Big Questions

An engaging and thought provoking website which sets out to answers the big questions…