Will you go to Rome for your Bible?


We have examined in earlier posts on this website that the Catholic Church has tried for many years to keep the knowledge of the Bible suppressed so it can excerpt it’s authority upon the masses. With the 400 year anniversary of the King James Version now upon us it is worth considering the history of Bible translations and the authority of the scriptures – especially when considering which Bible to use on a day to day basis. In the following 9 part documentary we have clear and simple evidence of the strategies of some to undermine that authority. The documentary is called “Catholic Church – Mother Of Corrupt Bible Versions”. Be informed and be warned:

1. William Tyndale & King James

2. The Jesuits

3. Wescott & Hort & The Revised Version

4. The Flood of New Translations

5. Codex Siniaticus and Vaticanus

6. The Nestle’s Text

7. The Counter Reformation

8. The Emergent Church

9. The Power of Gods Word

For further information on the authority of the Bible please read this article: Gods Word – The Bible