Video – Russia Moves into Syria


Video of a special talk given in Nottingham isn October 2015.

The current migrant crisis has caught the nations of Europe totally by surprise.Hundreds of thousands of people are flooding into European countries, at great personal risk to themselves. Tragically, people have died as they’ve attempted to get to Europe.

The crisis has been driven by the rise of the so-called Islamic State which has terrorised communities in Syria and Iraq. There do not appear to be any quick solutions to this crisis. In fact, in recent weeks the stakes have been raised even higher by the activities of Russia, in sending vast amounts of military hardware into Syria, in an attempt to prop up the Assad regime.

Instability in the Middle East has increased the risk of conflict engulfing the region and this could have serious consequences for the rest of the world.The current state of turmoil in the Middle East has been predicted in the Bible, thousands of years in advance.