Podcast – A Debate: Is Jesus Christ the 2nd Person of The Trinity



Here at the Gospel Truth we are very pleased to be able to enable you to listen to this exciting public debate between John Allfree (Christadelphian) and Anthony Pearce (Evangelical) entitled “Is Jesus Christ the 2nd Person of The Trinity?”. For the motion is Anthony Pearce and against is John Allfree. Both sides of the argument are clearly presented on this key issue of belief and it is left up to the listener to make up his or her mind.

Christadelphians do not believe that Jesus Christ is the 2nd part of the Trinity – we believe that the scriptures clearly teach that God is a Unity and that Jesus Christ is God’s son and not God himself. Although God and Jesus were one in purpose, and Jesus did not sin against the ways of God in any way, they are separate beings.

Although the debate took place in 1987 it’s contents hold real relevance to Bible Students today. If you believe that the Bible is the only source of truth then you will find this debate fascinating. We urge you to sit down with a Bible and contemplate both of the arguments presented because an understanding on the Trinity is essential to a correct understanding of many doctrines found in the Bible. After going over all the arguments you can then make up your own mind and act upon your decision. Comments welcome!


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