Podcast – A Debate: Are The Miraculous Gifts of The Spirit Possessed Today?



Here at the Gospel Truth we are very pleased to be able to enable you to listen to this public debate between John Allfree (Christadelphian) and John Liliekas (Evangelical) entitled “Are The Miraculous Gifts of The Spirit Possessed Today?”. For the motion is John Liliekas an Evangelical and against is John Allfree. Both sides of the argument are clearly presented on this key issue of belief and it is left up to the listener to make up his or her mind.

Christadelphians do not believe that we have the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit today – we believe that the scriptures clearly teach that it is personal choice as to whether we obey God or not and not a direct working on the mind by a higher force. We also believe that the miraculous gifts died out with the First Century Apostles who were the only ones who could pass it on and that it was given to help establish and mature the early church and bring about the writing of the New Testament for all following believers to rely on. We believe these Miraculous gifts will be given to those who are accepted at the Judgment Seat at the return of Jesus Christ to this earth.

Although the debate took place in 1989 it’s contents hold real relevance to Bible Students today. If you believe that the Bible is the only source of truth then you will find this debate fascinating. We urge you to sit down with a Bible and contemplate both of the arguments presented, – you can then make up your own mind and act upon your decision. Is the Bible the only source of knowledge about God and his purpose as Christadelphians believe or is there another way we can find knowledge and comfort – through a subjective ‘experience’ of the supposed Holy Spirit? Are The Miraculous Gifts of The Spirit Possessed Today? Comments welcome!

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