An urgent message about your future


Are you concerned about the state of our world?
As problems about finance & morals worsen, are you confident that world leaders can find lasting solutions?

We are very confident there is a way out of the difficulties which face the world. It is found in the pages of the neglected book, The Bible. The Bible claims to be a message from the creator of heaven and earth – that claim can be tested! – consider the following:-

Thousands of years before these events took place they were foretold in the Bible. (References given below)

  1. The nation of Israel would be scattered worldwide. (Happened AD70)
  2. They would be persecuted worldwide. (A fact of History)
  3. They would return to their ancient homeland (Happening now)
  4. Their return would cause problems for all nations (Happening now)
  5. All nations would be against Israel (Happening now)
  6. Other conditions would exist when they returned (Happening now see below)
  7. Worldwide problems with no solutions would exist (Happening now)
  8. ‘People power’ would cause governments to fall (Happening now)
  9. Faith in the Creator God would be at an all time low (Happening now)

These, and other signs, foretell that Jesus Christ is about to return to the earth as Judge and King.
The Bible warns that we need to prepare for that time by reading its page and putting its teaching into practice. This is the only way to escape the coming judgments on this world and to share in the peace and justice which will follow.

Bible ref’s 1&2, Deuteronomy 28:64-65. 3, Jeremiah31:10.4&5, Zechariah 12:2-3. 7&8,Luke 21:24. 9, 2 Timothy 3:1-4.

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