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    Image for Can we be good without God?

    Can we be good without God?

    If we take the Bible out of the way - how do we define what being "good" is? What motive is there to be good? If we look at this from a human point of view we could say that being good is doing thi...
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    Image for Podcast – World Events & Bible Prophecy

    Podcast – World Events & Bible Prophecy

    Nebuchadnezzar's Image The Bible is full of amazing prophecies which prove its divine origin. Listen to this Bible talk in which the evidence is presented. See how that God has been in control of...
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    Image for New Bible Magazine Website

    New Bible Magazine Website

    We're very excited to announce that The Bible Magazine has launched a new website. The website features an exciting new video section a reading section with downloadable books, as well as some su...
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