Destruction of Nineveh

The capital of the Assyrian Empire, Nineveh, was destroyed in 612 B.C. as prophesied in the Bible. The city fell when Nabopolassar’s Babylonian army attacked.

These prophecies can be read of in the books of Jonah and Nahum.

  • An “overrunning flood” would “make an utter end of the place” (Nahum. 1:8)
  • Nineveh would be destroyed while her inhabitants were “drunken” (Nahum. 1:10)
  • Nineveh would be unprotected because “the gates of thy land shall be set wide open” and “fire shall devour thy bars” (Nahum. 3:13)
  • Nineveh would never recover, for there “is no healing of thy bruise” (Nahum. 3:19)
  • The downfall of Nineveh would come with remarkable ease, like figs falling when the tree is shaken (Nahum. 3:12)